Family Caregiver Program

There are so many benefits through the EEOICP for claimants to take advantage of. One area, that is not always known or promoted by other companies, is that of the ‘family caregiver’ program. Atomic Home Health has met family members who have continued their daily duties of taking care of their relatives who have increasing care needs. Many members of these families have never been in the healthcare field prior to their changing role as a caregiver. Many claimants and families do not always want RN’s, LPN’s, of Aides in their homes for large portions of the day, so this allows us the opportunity to train a spouse, niece, nephew, daughter, son, or anyone you trust to take care of a claimant in their home.

Do I need to be licensed to become a caregiver?

Atomic Home Health will provide the appropriate training that is necessary to become a state licensed caregiver. We offer this training free of charge to the caregive(s) of your choosing. In addition to this training, a skilled nurse will have oversight of the patient and licensed caregiver to ensure that we provide the best care possible to the patient.

Who is considered a family member?

Though this is a “family” caregiver program, you are allowed to choose anyone who you believe will provide in-home care for you. They will be expected to complete the required training and licensing. We have seen spouses, daughters, and old family friends become caregivers for claimants. The choice is yours!

How are caregivers compensated?

Caregivers are provided an offer of employment with an agreed upon wage depending on hours worked.

How many hours can I work?

The hours worked will be based on the hours that have been approved by the Department of Labor. These hours can vary based upon the claimant’s Activities of Daily Living and/or Impairment Rating. A claimant can be approved for as little as a monthly visit or up to 24/7 care.

Can someone besides a family member take care of me?

Atomic Home Health has experienced staff who can provide skilled care for you at any point as we maintain oversight of the claimant’s care throughout your time with our company. If the family or friend can not appropriately take care of the patient, we will work together along with your physician to ensure the claimant receives the necessary care that the patient requires.

If you have any questions about our Family Caregiver Program, please contact us today!

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