In-home health care for
current and former nuclear
workers at Hanford

Atomic Home Health is a southeastern Washington based Department of Labor home health provider. Home health care must be ordered by your doctor, so our management team works collaboratively with you and your physician to establish a plan of care to provide services to meet your individual needs. Atomic Home Health can provide services to our patients on a monthly basis or up to 24 hours a day. Home health is usually more convenient and having care provided at home is often most preferred.

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In-home health care

It is important to find a balance in the amount of care that the claimant needs and what the claimants wants. Many claimants do not want people in their homes as they need to feel “independent”, but they are putting themselves at risk for injury. Atomic Home Health works alongside the patient and family to ensure that they can remain in their home.

We have met claimants and spouses who wait until home health care is an absolute requirement for the health and safety of the patient before they look for help. They do not
attempt to qualify for EEOICPA benefits beforehand, nor do they realize the length of time it can take to be approved for these same benefits. If you believe that you may need increasing home health services at some point in the near or distant future, it is important to file a claim or to establish a monthly/weekly visit with our company. If you worked at the Hanford Site and have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, contact our benefit’s specialist to see if we can assist you with filing a claim for benefits.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you might need in-home care:

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you should consider having one of our skilled registered nurses perform an in-home assessment to evaluate your current situation to better understand what your needs might be. Contact us today to set an in-person meeting.

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