Part E

When a claimant is not entitled to benefits under Part B, they may still qualify for financial compensation and medical benefits under Part E. These benefits are available to employees of DOE contractors and subcontractors who have developed illnesses that are caused by exposure to toxic
substances at Hanford. Radiation is not the only toxic substance under Part E; other substances can include chemicals, acids, metals, and solvents. Atomic Home Health will assist in the process of showing a correlation between your illness that may have been caused, contributed to, or aggravated by your past exposures. Compensation under Part is variable as the amount awarded could be up to $250,000
and it is determined by whole body impairment ratings, wage loss, and survivorship. Relevant information is provided through the Site Exposure Matrix (SEM) to show which hazardous substances were at the Hanford Site as well as other DOE facilities. Claimants can search by certain health
conditions to see what exposures may have caused their illnesses.

What illnesses could I qualify for under Part E? There are many respiratory illnesses/conditions that have
been awarded such as COPD, Asthma, Sarcoidosis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pneumoconiosis, Pleural Plaques,
Pleural Effusion, Mesothelioma, Pleurisy, and Asbestosis. Neurological disorders have been approved such as Neuropathy, Parkinsonism, and Toxic Encephalopathy. Other chronic conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease have been awarded as well. You are allowed to file for any medical condition that you or your doctor believe is a result of being exposed to toxic substances at the Hanford Site. Though you may file for any condition, that does not mean you are guaranteed an approval on your claim.

There are many components to getting your claim approved, and we are willing to assist free of charge.

We have seen many claimants get their cases denied because they are not familiar with the process, and they cannot properly prepare for what the next steps will be. There is a timeline that the Department of Labor follows, and if you do not respond in a timely manner they will deny and close your claim. Not every physician or specialist is familiar with the EEOICP claim’s process, nor are all of them willing to
help. Atomic Home Health has had physicians deny helping claimants with their claims. Through our experience, we strive to do our best to set you up with physicians who are willing to work with us to better your chances of approval. Atomic Home Health is a locally owned and operated company that will meet in person to assist with your claim.

There are many steps in the claims process that we assist with, which include: initial claim filing, help to obtain supporting evidence for your claim such as worker history and your medical records, interpret any DOL communication letters regarding your claim, gather other medical evidence (SEM, medical studies) for your claim, working in conjunction with your physician, and many other areas if you are approved. 

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