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In-Home Health Care for Former Nuclear Industry Employees

There are plenty of individuals in the Prosser area who used to work in the nuclear niche. Many of these workers are now retired, and they need personalized home health care.

That is precisely what Atomic Home Health provides. We’re the entity that can send over a home health aide if you need one, but that’s not all we’ll do for you. We also know all about EEOICPA benefits health care.

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Claims Assistance

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If so, fill out our occupational questionnaire today to maximize your EEOICP benefits!

We can help with the paperwork at NO COST to you:

  • Initial Claim
  • Wage Loss
  • Home Health
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Medical Supplies
  • Denied Claims
  • Impairment Ratings
  • Provider Transfers
  • Consequential Illnesses
  • Home Modifications

We help Hanford workers maximize their EEOICP benefits as we offer our assistance FREE OF CHARGE.

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Home Health Services

Atomic Home Health offers services to current and formal nuclear energy workers which include Hanford site workers, Uranium workers, PNNL workers, and qualifying DOE contractors and subcontractors, who may have developed specific work-related illnesses due to exposure to radiation or hazardous chemicals.

Things to Know About Our EEOICPA Claims Assistance Services

Retired persons in Prosser who worked in the atomic energy program should know the EEOICPA system exists so they can get all the benefits to which they are entitled. You served a vital function, and now you have this program that can help you with your expenses in retirement.

Learning how to access all those benefits is not always the easiest thing in the world, though. Our trained, caring staff members at Atomic Home Health can help you out in this area. We have both in-home nursing services and individuals who can assist you with your EEOICPA claim.

Why is Home Health Care for Nuclear Workers Necessary?

It’s important that you get in touch with an in-home health care company if you’re an older adult and a former nuclear energy worker. You might have reached a time when you are not quite as spry as you once were, and you need someone to stop by and help you with your daily tasks.

The in-home health care services we provide include helping you dress yourself in the morning or helping with your hygiene. Maybe you need some assistance getting up and down the stairs or preparing your meals.

You might need help keeping the house clean or doing laundry. It might also be that you have a handle on all of that, but you just need someone to read to you or with whom you can have a conversation.

Any former atomic energy workers in the Prosser area can contact us, and so can their family members.

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