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In-Home Health Care for Former Nuclear Workers in West Richland, WA

If you live in West Richland, Washington, and you used to work in the atomic energy sector during your professional life, you should know about EEOICPA claims assistance services. EEOICPA benefits health care exists to provide individuals like yourself with an excellent life quality during your retirement years.

Atomic Home Health knows how to help you navigate this often-complex system, and we can assign you a caring home health aide at the same time. This is the solution for anyone in the West Richland area who’s looking for home health care for nuclear workers.

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Claims Assistance

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If so, fill out our occupational questionnaire today to maximize your EEOICP benefits!

We can help with the paperwork at NO COST to you:

  • Initial Claim
  • Wage Loss
  • Home Health
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Medical Supplies
  • Denied Claims
  • Impairment Ratings
  • Provider Transfers
  • Consequential Illnesses
  • Home Modifications

We help Hanford workers maximize their EEOICP benefits as we offer our assistance FREE OF CHARGE.

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Home Health Services

Atomic Home Health offers services to current and formal nuclear energy workers which include Hanford site workers, Uranium workers, PNNL workers, and qualifying DOE contractors and subcontractors, who may have developed specific work-related illnesses due to exposure to radiation or hazardous chemicals.

A Trusted Home Health Entity

We have a staff of highly trained, competent individuals who provide you with the in-home health care services that you deserve now that you’ve concluded your professional life.

We’re the in-home health care company that can work with you to keep you both physically limber and mentally sound. When you need extra help keeping your residence clean and tidy, we can do that for you. We’ll help you cook nutritious meals, and we’ll guide you through anything EEOICPA-related. The program is there to help you, and we’ll make sure you see all the benefits from it.

What About Relatives of Former Atomic Energy Workers?

It could be that you’re a relative of a former atomic energy researcher, but you don’t live in the West Richland area. If so, you can contact Atomic Home Health and fill us in as to what’s going on with your beloved relative.

We know that you want to take the best possible care of them, even if you live far away. Once you explain to us what services they need, we can set up a system whereby we help them when and if they need it. That’s the commitment Atomic Home Health has to the retired nuclear worker community.

For more information, contact us at your convenience.

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